JOICO is a brand that is and has always been a great product, but now even more so. With the research and development put into new products it is even more exciting.

We are playing with the new Joico styling range and having great fun with it. The new Flip Turn spray is a great strong hold spray that is able to be sprayed into and onto the hair at any angle with out blocking up then reworked to create the look desired.

Also a fun product to use is Hair Shake, a new product with lasted technology. This product goes on wet then drys to a powder finish, great for texture and add volume, smells great too!

Defy Damage is JOICOS newest miacle product. This range is specifically formulated to rebuild bond damage by chemical application.  Even with the best products aviaolable the hair can become tired over time. This amazing range of products will transform your tired dry lifeless hair into soft manageable hair instantly. To know more, ask the girls to give your hair the opportunity to try it.

Blonde Life is a range of products that will deep cleanse your hair to make it soft but still leave it with plently of body. The blonde life oil is perfect for those summer days to moisturise the midlenghts and ends. The blonde life veil is a very diverse product with numerous benefits, ask the girls for more information on the blonde life range.

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